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Askana Castle

It is an abandoned castle on a high rock above the river between the villages of bakhvistskali Askana and castle-acapability. There is no good road to it therefore it is physically extremely difficult to reach it.

Very little is known about the ancient history of the Askana castle. Archaeologists found there layers of IV century. The Turks Askana Castlecaptured it in 1774, but soon the princes Gurieli with the help of Imeretian kings repulsed it back. At the beginning of the XIX century it belonged to the princes Asatiani and was captured by the Gurian princes until about 1820. About it in the book of Vasily Potto “Caucasian war” there is a big story. With abbreviations, it looks like this:

“…This day memorable in the country, the struggle waged by Kaikhosro against two of the worst enemies of the order, two moravov: hasanskogo – David Asatiani and langusage of Taboadela of Gardonia. Folk tradition clothed the fall Askana legendary halo. In this legend are drawn in vivid terms, and the nature of Kaikhosro, and status in the then houris of morals.

Built in a deep gorge, on a steep rock, the Askan castle on a favorable location more than other fortresses represented a reliable stronghold and a brothel for robbers. In it, after a wild youth, lived out his life old David Asatiani. He was surrounded by a crowd of his relatives, as willful and disobedient as himself, and all sorts of people rejected by the homeland, hiding here from the persecution of the law.

Askana Castle

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