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Shuhmann Wines Georgia

Shuhmann Wines GeorgiaDuring his travels, wine lover Burkhard Shuhmann, discovered Georgia and the tradition of winemaking in this country. He quickly realized the potential of different varieties of grapes erected in the Caucasus regions, which include: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Ojaleshi and Kishi – from which important wines are created. After he has traveled countless kilometers across Kakheti and reviewed with specialists from several vineyards, Burkhard Shuhmann a desire not only to improve the quality of Georgian grape varieties, but also to bring it closer to European standards with the use of “Sustainable method of winemaking and wine aging”.

The winery “Shuhmann Wines Georgia” was founded in 2008 by the family Shuhmann in the heart of Tsinandali. Burkhard Shuhmann and winemaker Giorgi Dakishvili are of the opinion that for the production of quality wine planted varieties must comply with the composition of the soil of vineyards, the effects of the sun and wind, as well as the entire microclimate. SWG produces wines from three separate vineyards – Napareuli, Tsinandali, Shuhmann Wines GeorgiaKindzmarauli. Our flagship wines, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kishi, Kindzmarauli, Mtsvane and Cabernet Sauvignon are made from local grape varieties grown in specific microzones of Kakheti in the location of the winery.

Behind the doors of each winery you will find friendly staff, stylish tasting rooms and a wide selection of wines. Here you can experience the life of the winery.

  • Saperavi dry red 2011
  • Brushes dry white 2012
  • Rkatsiteli dry white 2012
  • Chardonnay Blanc De Blancs Brut 2013
  • Mukuzani dry red 2013
  • Saperavi dry red 2014
  • Alazani valley red semi-sweetshuhman-vayns-dzhordzhiya
  • Kindzmarauli red semi-sweet 2014
  • Tsinandali dry white 2013
  • Rkatsiteli dry white 2014
  • Mtsvane dry white 2014
  • Alazani valley white semi-sweet
  • Saperavi semisweet pink 2013

In addition to wines, the company “Shuhmann Wines Georgia” offers rest in the hotel, as well as Georgia’s first wine Spa in Kisiskhevi. The resort has a wine therapists conduct a variety of unique treatments such as the regeneration of the skin grape seeds, a treatment of local mud, hot baths, wine, etc.

The leading product of Schuchmann Wine Spa is grape seed oil, a natural product that makes the skin soft and supple. In the Spa there are Schuchmann wine baths, where guests can experience at the body of the magic power of wine.

In Schuchmann Wine Spa uses only local natural materials that are collected in the vineyards and processed by natural methods.

Official web site: http://www.schuchmann-wines.com/

Schuchmann Wines Georgia

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