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Upper Vardzia Monastery

Монастырь верхняя ВардзияUpper Vardzia Monastery or Zemo Vardzia is a small nunnery by honor of Dormitory of Holy Mother. Ancient sanctuary was built probable in XI century under the rule of king George the third and was announced king monastery.

Zemo Vardzia Monastery is built from cut stone, represents two-sanctuary building, arcade type from the south side which make it look like three-sanctuary temple. Temple is covered with V-shape roof because of the hiding spots built over it. Main sanctuary is from the south, high and wide. Frontal face are decorated too sculptural architrave, as well as windows and doors. The most beautiful is decoration of the south door, crowned by carved cross. Based to frescoes building supervisor was feudal Upper Vardzia MonasteryLiparit Eristavt-Eristavi lived in XI century. Not many frescoes are preserved till present days.

Monastery was uninhabited for a long time. South part was ruined, but in 1970 temple was renovated with old rocks which make it very cozy. There is a flowers on site, pools with trout, lives stock. Holy Mother Dormitory church is preserved to the present time built with cut stone with V-shape roof. Cozy building with elegant decorations and unique arch decorated with carved ornament.

Upper Vardzia Monastery

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