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kakhetiKakheti Region is a historian area to the east of Georgia, in the upstream of Iori and Alazani. Capital is Telavi, Area is 11 309.5km2, Population is 401400


  • Telavi – in the city in Alazani valley (Georgia), center of Telavi Municipality, capital of Kakheti Mkhare. Population of 20000. Located on the north slope of Tsivi-Gombori Ridge, at 490m above sea level, 70kmn far from Tbilisi
  • Sagarejo is the city in Iori valley, center of Sagarejo Municipality. Population of 12.600
  • Gurdjaani is the city in the center of Gurjaani region with population of 95000. Located on the right bank of Alazani valley. Railway station is located 122km to the east of Tbilisi
  • Kvareli is the city to the east of Georgia, located in Alazani valet 19km to the north of Railway station Mukuzani Georgia railroad. Population of 8.6 thousand
  • Akhmeta is the city in Georgia in Akhmeta Municipality 29km to the north-west of Telavi. Population of 8.4 thousand
  • Dedoplistskaro the city to the south-east of Geirga in Kakheti, center of Dedoplistskaro region. Population of 7.3 thousand. City is located 115km to the south-east of Tbilisi
  • Lagodekhi is the small town in the center of Lagodekhi Municipality of Kakheti region, located on the river of Lagodekhi (Alazani influx), 38 km to the north-east of Tsnoris-Tskali station (last stop of railway station branch of Tbilisi-Telavi line) Population of 7.5 thousand
  • Tsnori is the city of Signakhi region in Georgia. Located in Alazani valley on the river Alazani. Population is 6 thousand
  • Signakhi is the small city to the east of Georgia, on the slope of the mountains in historian region of Kakheti. Center of historian-geographic region of Kiziki. Located on the terrace, connected winding steep streets.

Kakheti Sights:

Alazani Valley


Mud cure resort of Akhtala

Niko Pirosmani House-Museum

Chavchavadze House-museum

Palaces and Ancient cities of Kakheti:

Kakheti’s Wine cellars and wineries:

National Parks of Kakheti:

Shrines of Kakheti:

Kakheti Region

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