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National Park of Borjomi-Kharagauli

Национальный парк Боржоми-ХарагаулиNational Park of Borjomi-Kharagauli is unique and very beautiful place. It is the first national park on site of the whole Caucasus. Even in XX century when Georgia become an Independent country in 1995 based on the reserve created national park of Borjomi-Kharagauli. Official opening held only 6 years later in 2001,

National park of Borjomi-Kharagauli is located in the central part of Georgia; include three regions – Imereti, Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti and Shida Kartli. Area is 85 083 ha, it is more than 1% of the whole territory of Georgian state. Borjomi reserve occupy 18048ha, from which 15863ha is covered by forest. Relief is alpine from 800m up to 2200 above sea level.

Here you will see high mountains, cozy houses, Rapid River and wonderful lakes. Flora and fauna is very and very interesting and various. The main pride of local workers are bears, wolfs, swine, deer, squirrels and marten.

At the service of tourists, here is hotels, cafes and many necessary objects for travelers. There are touristic trails and either of which worth sharing.

Below you will find 11 route including as one-day and multi-day travels:

  1. Nikolay Romanov touristic trail, 43km, 3 days, walking route and horse riding, complicacy – medium
  2. Route named by Andrew the first Caller, 54km, 4 days, walking route and horse riding, complicacy – high
  3. Panoramic touristic trail, 34km, 2 days, walking route and horse riding, complicacy – high
  4. Virgin forest trail, 13km, 7 hr., walking route, complicacy – medium
  5. Touristic trail of Zekari Pass, 31 km, 3 days, walking route, complicacy – high
  6. Trail animal’s footprints. 13km, 6 hr., walking route, complicacy – mediumНациональный парк Боржоми-Харагаули
  7. Informational trail, 3km, 2 hr. walking route, complicacy – medium
  8. Mekhruki river ravine, 5.5km, 6 hr. walking route and horse riding, complicacy – medium
  9. Shepherd trail. 54km, walking route and horse riding, complicacy – high
  10. Snow stepping trail, 5.5km, 4hr. walking route, complicacy – medium
  11. Snow stepping trail, 5.5km, 4hr. walking route, complicacy – medium

Thing you can use at rent in the park:

  • Tent per 10GEL;
  • Sleeping-bag per 5GEL;
  • Mat for the rest in the nature per 3GEL;
  • Conference hall in Borjomi (per 50 person) – 122GEL;
  • Conference hall in Kharagauli (per 25 person) – 65 GEL
  • Bicycle per 35GEL; for students and pupils per 25 GEL;
  • Snow Stepping per 15GEL, every additional day – 10GEL;
  • Locker 2GEL per 12 hr., 3GEL per 24 hr.
  • Touristic Camp – 5GEL per person
  • Horse 50 GEL per day.

You can enjoy the rest in Borjomi-Kharagauli for all over the year. Blossom period of Caucasus rosebay and orchid is May-June. Snow trekking period is December-February.

National Park of Borjomi-Kharagauli

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