Metekhi Bridge

Metekhi BridgeThe most ancient of all bridges of Tbilisi is Metekhi Bridge. In 2014 was renamed in the bridge of 100000 Saint Martyrs’. Populations of Tbilisi still call it Metekhi Bridge. It is difficult to say exact date of the bridge. According to one historical episode the bridge had already existed in XIII century.

Throughout the course of history Georgia was exposed armed aggression. Sultan Xorezm Djalal-Ed-Din invade Georgia in 1227, invaders started the victoirus march from desecrated of the main sanctuary; Sultan ordered to remove dome of Sioni metehskiy-most

Temple and to put on it his own throne and to carried out from the temple icons of Holy Mother and the Saviour, an ordered was executed. Icons were put in the middle of the bridge over Mtkvari river and residents were ordered to walk through, the one who refused to do this will died. 100 000 of Georgians, who refused to do this was beheaded and threw down in Kura river.

The history provides the basis to the name of the bridge. Metekhi Bridge was reconstructed several times. Up to 1870 the bridge was wooden, the last update was made in 1951. At the time Avlabari bridge was ruined too, which was located in surroundings of Metekhi bridge. Avlabari bridge in comparison from Metekhi bridge was passable. It was ordered to cross Metekhi bridge only on foot or go on horseback. That’s why city people deride the bridge as donkey.

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