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Bazaleti Lake

Bazaleti LakeBazaleti Lake is of volcanic origin and has different medicinal properties. Algae in the lake have medicinal properties. Water and dirt suitable for dermatological, gynecological and rheumatic diseases. Air that is unique to cardiovascular disease.

The Bazaleti Lake is situated at 900 meters above sea level. Unique mountain air and therapeutic waters of this lake produce an incredible effect on tourists. Every sunrise and sunset is beautiful here. Bazaleti is also interesting because you can relax here in any season of the year.Bazaleti Lake

Around the lake there was a medieval town, and to this day, surrounded by legends. In 1626 near the lake occurred the battle of Bazaleti. The history of this natural attraction is not very rich, but there are many legends about the lake. The most popular are the legends about the origin of the lake. According to the first version of the legend, in the center of the lake lies in the Golden cradle of the Golden-haired young man and the lake came from the tears of his mother. The local population tells the story that a bull fell into one of the wells that were on the territory of the lake. In addition, the water that spilled from the well formed a lake. In addition, the local population says that the source from which water enters the lake has not been found yet. This is not the legend is in a lake does not fall into any one river, but its power comes at the expense of groundwater.

Near the lake is a hotel complex “Bazaleti”, an area of 27 hectares. There is everything to ensure that every vacationer was able to take care of their health, so that people can relax, have fun and feel comfortable.

Bazaleti Lake

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