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Karaleti is a village located near the town of Gori. In ancient times, Karaleti, was known for the Royal residence of Queen Tamara – Nazarbaeva. The years of construction of the residence are not known. Although all sources describe the last days of the life of the greatest Queen of Georgia Tamara.

According to historians, Queen Tamar was in the summer residence of the kings of Georgia Nacharmagevi, which, according to historian Vakhushti Bagrationi, was a charming place, and is now called Karaleti. In Nazarbaeva the Tamar revealed severe disease. The Queen was urgently taken to Tbilisi, and then transferred to the fortress of Agarani. The people crowded into the churches, praying for the health of the beloved Queen, doctors did everything to save Queen Tamar, but all was in vain; the great Queen Tamar died in 1213, although some historians call other dates: 1207, 1210, 1215 … Historians report that for a short time the late Queen Tamar was escorted to the Mtskheta temple, and then moved to Gelati in his tomb, where her glorious ancestors rested.

However, today no one knows the true burial place of Tamara. According to legend, the Queen bequeathed to bury himself secretly, so after her death from the castle of Agarani left ten teams that carried ten coffins. All the coffins were buried in different places, which complicates the search for a burial site. There is a version that Tamara rests in Jerusalem, as during his life was going to visit the Holy places, but did not have time to do so.


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