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Boulevard or the Seaside park

Boulevard or the Seaside parkThe beauty of the magnificent seaside town of Batumi is its marvelous Boulevard or the Seaside park. Throughout the long length of the sea, it is an absolutely green strip, amazingly runs along the entire north-western part of the capital of Adjara.
At the very beginning of the twentieth century there was an unpleasant landfill for urban waste. Exactly at the place where now we can contemplate a well-groomed boulevard. Some time passed, and a truly fabulous hand safely built a stunning garden in the dump. The very first project of the park was created by the famous German gardener Resler. But unfortunately, he did not live to an implementation of his ingenious plan. His honorable work was successfully continued by the equally famous and talented gardener D’Alfons.

A great contribution to the improvement of the garden was made by the beautiful Georgian orchard-decorator Iason Gordeziani. He successfully took an active part in decorating the London Botanical Garden.

Beloved by everyone, Boulevard or the Seaside park has been fantastically rustling the needles and leaves of its inhabitants trees for more than a hundred years, every day for more than a century an elderly people walk there, naughty children are running around in its cozy bars and cafes. You can meet many holidaymakers who enjoy a lot of southern velvet warmth and fabulous beauty of nature almost at any time of the year on the boulevard.

You immediately feel the salty breath of the sea, organically mingling with the extremely pleasant aroma of handsome pines by approaching the boulevard.Boulevard or the Seaside park
A truly mesmerizing spectacle opens before the shocked gaze of the visitor who entered the park: three clearly arranged fountains, one after another, to their music streaming their trickles to the music. The rays of the setting sun are refracted, and then a wonderful rainbow appears above the fountains in the afternoon, in the streams of the fountain.

There is an absolutely new French dancing fountain – one of the most beautiful among the now functioning in Europe in the new, modern part of the boulevard, on the Ardagan lake since 2005. The color stream of water fancifully draws patterns of amazing beauty every day in the night sky in clear unison with beautiful music and makes the most lasting impression on the audience.
There are five exclusively parallel alleys, they are clearly separated from each other by picturesque lawns, original cafe-bars and as neatly trimmed bushes of bay leaves, which are clipped in the shape of a square.

A magnificent Greek colonnade was placed in 1934. Its a main attraction and the stylized gates of the park.
All conditions for modern recreation are created in Batumi boulevard. A lot of all kinds of attractions, equipped sports grounds, well-groomed restaurants, spacious bars and summer cafes, steep bungalows, youth disco clubs, stunning courts. Here every year the women’s tennis championship is successfully held. It is cozy and especially quiet in the very first Magnolia alley. Where amateurs of backgammon and chess gather in a wonderful pavilion. A unique microclimate, every year expanding boulevard per person produces a great health and soothing effect.

On the territory of Boulevard or Seaside Park you can see:

Boulevard or the Seaside park

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