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Jumati Monastery

Jumati MonasteryJumati monastery in the name of the archangels Michael and Gabriel, located near the city of Ozurgeti, was once the center of Orthodox life in Jumati MonasteryWestern Georgia.

The main monastery Church, dating from the XV-XVI centuries, was known as a real gem: its facade was decorated with carved stone slabs, artful frescoes covered the walls and vaults, and the ringing of the bell tower was heard for several hundred kilometers. The Treasury of Jumati monastery was famous for unique examples of Georgian chased art. Unfortunately, the ancient icons were lost – we managed to save only some fragments that are now stored in different museums of the world, such as the new York metro, the Louvre and the Hermitage.

Today the life of the monastery is supported by 5 monks and 7 novices. In the absence of state assistance, they are trying to preserve this ancient monument on their own.

Jumati Monastery

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