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Bakhtrioni fortress

With Bakhtrioni fortress associated events such as Borinskoe uprising and Borinskoe battle. From the famous and legendary Bakhtrioni fortress, even the ruins have not survived to the present day. However, this name is deeply and firmly rooted in Georgian culture. In place Bagriansky fortress in Kakheti today is very popular among tourists camping area, near which are 3 historic churches.

In 1648, the Iranian army defeated the army of king Teimuraz II, which led to the Iranian occupation of Kakheti. During the occupation of Kakheti, the Iranians built a fortress. The Iranians had planned to settle in the Alazani valley of nomads-Turks, which caused a fierce and unexpected resistance from the kakhetians, known to history as Borinskoe uprising in 1659. A rebels broke into the fortress, destroyed the Iranian garrison and destroyed the fortress. The uprising went down in history as one of the most famous. Georgians revere these places as a tribute to the memory of their invincible spirit to freedom and boundless love for their homeland.

On the hill now you can see three churches. One, brick, well preserved, but now locked. Second, you can see to the left of the road, if you climb Bakhtrioni hill. It’s empty, lie around the gravestones. At least one of them is dated 1899. The third temple stands to the right of the road and is the worst preserved.

Bakhtrioni fortress

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