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Tsitsamuri Fortress

Tsitsamuri is small village near Georgian city of Mtskheta. Ruins of ancient Iberian Acropolis found near Tsitsamuri (identified with Sevsamor of Strabone). Excavations conducted under the leadership of Andria Apakidze in 1953.

Ruins identified as remains of Zadentsikhe from medieval Georgian chronicles. “Zadeni Citadel” as well as Armazistsikhe named in honor of one of god Iberian Pantheon.

Fortress and pagan temple become empty in XVII century uplifted on the Zedazeni mountains on Saguramo ridge, where later had been built Zedazeni Monastery. Necropolis dated between I century BC up to II century AC revealed in 1980. Among with another findings found as well censer-batylum and Italic oenochoe.

Tsitsamuri is also known as the place where was killed national famous poet and writer Ilia Chavchavadze in 1907.

Tsitsamuri Fortress

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