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Udabno Monastery

About Udabno monastery (Holy man’s wasteland) preserved extremely little historical data. It is an active monastery in honor of St. John the Baptist. It is known only that earlier the brethren of the monastery numbered about 70 monks. On the territory of the monastery there was a very large wine production.

The unique cave temple in the name of John the Baptist dates back to the VI – VII centuries. The same times include cells carved into the rocks a little further away from the temple. In previous centuries, the monastery was a center of culture and education, it had a rich library, a school. In Soviet times, the monastery was closed, one of the inhabitants was martyred by the Bolsheviks. On the site of the old destroyed Church, in 2010 built a new one in the name of Cutting off the head of John the Baptist. Now it houses the miraculous icon of John, to which pilgrims come not only from Georgia but also from other countries.

Udabno Monastery

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