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White Bridge

White BridgeFrom the second part of XIX century two river Rioni bank is connected with foot White bridge. It a pleasure to walk through, stop and enjoy the city views. Beautiful Picture of Kutaisi is opening – rocky bottom of river Rioni, coming kutaisioutside, as a symbol of the city, which is asserting itself from the depths of the centuries, rapid rivers chuting far away in spite of difficulties and the present symbol of the city – house’s which are scattered up the banks of Rioni.

It is impossible to feel yourself lonely on the White Bridge. Here an original sculpture of a boy who is full of mischief will met you. He is sitting on the bridge parapet and is holding two hats in hands. History of its origin is very interesting. Author of sculpture Aguli Eristavi, sculptor. He was earning money for living creating burying ground memorials. Craftsman was keeping valuable marble, his teacher passed on to him this marble and he was dreaming to make something special from it, something that will be called “masterpiece”.

But the years rolled by and his dream doesn’t come true. Therefore sculpture decided to gifted the “rock” to the boy, hoping he will be able to made an masterpiece. Figure of the boy is a bright light and is giving a hope that future generations will materialize our dreams. The question arises why is he holding two hats? If you want to obtain answer to your question you should see movie “Unordinary exhibition” (dated by 1968, film director Eldar Shengelaia).

White Bridge

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