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Alley of Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak

Alley of Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak

The alley of Sheikh Nakhayan Mubarak was opened in May 2012. And is dedicated to the Arab sheikh and philanthropist Nakhayan Mubarak. He gave the city of Batumi tens of thousands of palm trees. Nowadays tourists are enjoying with the views on the streets and boulevards of the green city. The alley itself has a beautiful backlight. And is enclosed by two rows of palm trees.

At the beginning of the alley of Sheikh Nakhayan Mubarak is an interesting sculpture of a woman with a man inside her. The sculpture of Tamar Kvesitadze, called “Rotation”. Depicts the reunion of a man and a woman and symbolizes (the author’s words) a constant change of time and generations.

The work was carried out using glass and metal. On the surface of the disc of glass, there are women and men. They seem to be merged together, embodying an endless constant stream.

Alley of Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak

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