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Local History Museum in Borjomi

краеведческий музей БоржомиOne of the oldest museum of Georgia is Local History Museum in Borjomi where you will learn and discover many interesting historian fact of Borjomi city. It is located in the former building of Emperor administrative office done in pseudo-Gothic style build in 1890, museum functioning from 1926. An author was German architect-engineer – Shveier. A rich collection of archeological excavations and art object of this region collected in this museum.

The first stage of museum of history dedicated to history and archeology; here you will discover preserved examples of Bronze armor. Also jewelry of I-II century BC, as well as coin collections. Based on archeologist witting some of exponents are related to the V century BC.

краеведческий музей БоржомиOn the second stage exhibited private items of Romanov’s and items from the palace such as porcelain and cutglass vase, household and many more from Romanov’s palace.

The most popular for tourists is the third stage of the museum dedicated to nature of the region. Here were collected the most interesting examples of flora and fauna of the region.

Items stored in museum should not be left unmentioned; they are related to the main pride of Borjomi city mineral water. Attention is attracting Borjomi city miniature from paper-mache, which is nearly one hundred year.  Tourists has an opportunity to see valuable photos, advertisement banner, old bottles and labels from the past as well as learn many interesting about famous mineral spring of Borjomi.

Local History Museum of Borjomi

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