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Akhaldaba fortress

Akhaldaba fortress is located on the top of the high mountain which is located on the right hand side of Kura. Kura ravine is too narrow from Tashiskari to Borjomi, exact this ravine closed with Akhaldaba fortress constructed in IX century, and it is so narrow that even a small military post can closed it.

Fortress is ruined and it is not possible to reconstruct and to return initial shapes. Fortress was inaccessible but still not a big one. The main part of the fortress is citadel and lower fence, citadel’s towers were surrounded with high walls. In the lower fence along with towers there were a pool and back store.

The main part of the fortress is dedicated to the period of developed feudalism but still there are some fragments of restorations of the Late Medieval Era.

Akhaldaba Fortress

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