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Samtskhe-DzhavakhetiThis region is absolutely different one and doesn’t look alike on another regions of Georgia. Here you will find prairie and summer heat give way to freezing weather. Agronomy and winemaking is poor developed here due to harsh climate. Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti is famous by its culture and architecture. Here you will find 50 churches and monasteries, ancient megalithic and medieval fortress, national parks. As well as Borjomi, Bakuriani and forgotten Abastumani resorts.

In the ancient times Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti was belong to Armenia, than for some times Turkey and Russian Federation had ruled here. Today Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti is very interesting to many tourists due its confusions in religion and traditions, which leave a mark on it.

Below you will find description of the each sight of Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti:

Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti Fortresses

Churches of Samtskhe-Dzhavakheti

Resorts of Samtskhe-Javakheti

National Parks and Lakes of Dzavakheti


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