Gvara Fortress

The fortress of Gvara is 300 meters from the arrows of the rivers Gvara FortressMachakhlistskali and Chorokh on a hill that rises above the valleys of these rivers. There is a wonderful view of these valleys; they are visible for many kilometers.

Most of the fortress walls are destroyed currently, especially the south and northwest. But the remaining reaches a height of 5-6 meters.

At the excavations, it was established that Fortress Gvara was built in the 5th-6th century AD. The fortress was actively used in 8 – 14 centuries of our era. Its strategic importance was extremely great in view of the successful geographical location. You could control the valleys of the rivers Machakhela and Chorokh by owning it, as a result of which you have control over the way to the Black Sea.

Gvara Fortress

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