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In modern world, many companies and organizations use the services of the MICE industry. A business trip is a necessary tool for business development in any industry. The history of business tourism is rooted in the distant past. The first business travelers were artisans and small traders who for centuries went on trips related to the nature of their activities, primarily trade. The flourishing of the Great Silk Road: the emergence of the first “service systems” of business travelers in the form of caravanserais offering accommodation, food, recreation, and transportation services – in the person of drivers and camel traders and tour guides.
In the beginning of the 20th century, business tourism from Europe gradually covered the territory of the United States. Here is born the conference business and the opening of the first congresses. Organizations and political parties organize events and business trips on a large scale.
Business tourism is moving to a new level of service today. It is one of the most promising areas of tourism. Taking into account your wishes, our specialists organize for your group: adventure and MICE projects, corporate rest, business meeting and trainings, conference, business dinner. Business tourism can be successfully supplemented with sightseeing, beach or medical programs in any corner of our incomparable Georgia.
High responsibility, attention to detail and the ability to quickly and efficiently navigate in the event of possible miscalculations during the trip are the key skills which are owned by managers of our organization

Services our company provides in the field of business tourism:

  • A clear approach to the preparation and organization of any business event
  • Modern hotels, the infrastructure of which allows organizing any business meeting
  • Equipment necessary for organizing a corporate event
  • Highly qualified personnel for work at any event
  • Ordering restaurants with a high level of service, buffets and dinners
  • Transport services and rental of business class cars
  • Air tickets
  • Insurance services
  • Tour packages and excursions with professional guides

Competent organization of business tourism is the key to success. Save 100% of your time entrusting us with organizing your business trip.

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