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Abuli Fortress

Abuli FortressAbuli Fortress is the most mysterious place and the less studied megalithic construction of Bronze Epoch. Complex fortress Abuli has unique features of ancient observatory. Age of the fortress is 3.5-thousandth years and is located at 2500m above sea level over the footstep of Lower Abuli Mountain. Abuli fortress and adjoined settlements remains can be considered as unique monuments of Georgia. The first of all the height impress deeply then the height of the walls remains with tower reaches more than 3m. Some gates Крепость Абулиleading to the fortress and walls are remained too.

Fortress has a shape of the ring, you can see towers, dwellings inside the fortress. Nearby there are no water source today, but usually settlements was settled in the places near the rivers or lakes was water insurance. Nearest lake is located 5km far to the west, but there is another option to support with the water it is the sources of rain water because some kind of big cups where occurred several time in the ruins and supposing it was the place for water reserves.

You get the impression that it was not a kind of the fortress which was built for the defense. There is another version that it was ecclesiastical architecture for sacrificer or “necropolis”.

Abuli Fortress

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