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DmanisiDmanisi is an ancient city, which was once an important transit point on the great Silk Road. Now the settlement of Dmanisi is the ruins of an ancient fortress city 10 km from the settlement of the same name. The ancient city existed not at the confluence of the Moshevani and Mashavera rivers, and its area was about 25 Hectares. The time of its construction-VI-XV centuries, but scientists have proven that people lived here in 3000 BC. the City was the center of the Arab-Muslim local state of the Dumanus Emirate and was considered a particularly important transshipment point on the caravan routes-the hub of one of the branches of the great silk road; hence the Turkic name Bash-kechit.

The fortress, built on the site between two gorges, protects the city. Currently, the walls and towers of the fortress are partially preserved, where you can walk and take pictures of the picturesque surroundings. Also on the territory of the settlement attracts the attention of dmanis Zion VII century buildings, restored in the early 18th century, which is located just below the fortress. It is a temple in the form of a three-nave Basilica, which was rebuilt from century to century. Currently, the dmanis Zion is an active temple, but since there are no residential settlements nearby, it does not always work.

Also on the territory of Dmanisi there is an archaeological zone, where excavations have been carried out since 1936. Revealed city walls, gates, and numerous buildings. Found a treasure trove of 25 gold and silver jewelry XII-XIII centuries. On the territory of Dmanisi were found the remains of the first Europeans-Zezva and Mzia. Currently there is an open air archaeological Museum near the Dmanisi settlement


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