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Kindzmarauli wine cellar

Kindzmarauli wine cellarThere is in the famous wine region of Georgia, in Kakheti the town of Kindzmarauli, which gave the name to the famous Georgian wine. It is located at the foot of the Caucasus mountains in the Alazani valley, which caused special natural and climatic conditions. It is here in the symbolic 2000th year began our history – the history of the company “Kindzmarauli Marani” (“Kindzmarauli wine cellar”).Kindzmarauli wine cellar

In 2003, the company laid the Foundation for the construction of the winery and completed the project by the end of 2005. Now the plant is not only equipped with the most modern equipment (production of the Italian company “Della Toffola”, “Fimmer”), but also causes admiration of many experts the design. The plant has a laboratory (products of the German company “Gravitech”), which allows you to carry out any necessary tests (chemical, microbiological) wine, grape juice and water. The plant is also equipped with high-quality oak barrels, designed for 15,000 decaliters (products of the French company “Radoux”).

In 2005, the company first took on the processing of its grapes and received 70,000 decaliters of high quality products. The range of “Kindzmaraulis Marani” at this time 23 kinds of high quality wines, of which the brand white dry and red dry “Royal Kakhetian” and red naturally semi-sweet “Kindzmarauli original” are exclusive brands of our company, which has developed the technology of their production using ancient Kakhetian grape varieties and winemaking traditions.

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Kindzmarauli wine cellar

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