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Winery company «Winiveria” is located on the territory of the complex” Chateau Mere”. The grapes for the production of this plant are harvested in specially selected vineyards. Whose age is not less than 25 years. Wine is produced here on the basis of both European and ancient Chinese technologies. Kakhetian technology involves the storage of wine in special, buried in the ground pitchers (“Kvevri”) with the pulp and bones. In the case of WiniveriaEuropean technology store the wine, making it lighter and airy.

Juice from grapes squeezed in modern Italian units. Then poured into oak barrels and special bottles, in which the aging of wine.

In the wine cellar “Chateau Mere” is a locally produced wine. Guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with different technologies. Also try yourself as a winemaker and taste the wine of your choice.

Chateau Mere

Wine hotel “Chateau Mere” opened on September 18, 2011 near the village of Vardisubani in Telavi.  It is about an hour drive from Tbilisi (85 km). The Chateau is built of stone and is a three-storey Palace, surrounded by a stone fence with four towers. Offering stunning views of the greater Caucasus and the Alazani valley. The hotel complex with fifteen comfortable rooms also includes a restaurant, conference room, outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. There is a wine production with a Winiveria cellar, as well as a stable and a gift shop.

WiniveriaIts original architecture Chateau Mere reminiscent of the old Georgian Palace. And the interior of the hotel is a wonderful combination of ancient and modern. Chateau furnished with antique furniture with details of absolute interest to guests. On the walls the visitor will see ancient manuscripts of the last century, discovered by the owners of the hotel during construction. “Chateau Least” is one of the first centers of agro-tourism in Georgia. That it differs from other tourist attractions of this country.

The hallmark of “Chateau Mere” is a unique view of the greater Caucasus and the Alazani valley. Home comfort, delicious food and service professionals. This is what guests always celebrate Goodies.

The territory behind the fence resembles the courtyard of a medieval castle-a stone fence, a paved courtyard, four towers, hay chairs, flowers around… and in the distance the greater Caucasus and the Alazani valley – an ideal opportunity to escape from the hustle and monotony.

Not far from the Chateau are medieval attractions such as the old and new Shuamta monasteries, Gremi castle, Alaverdi temple, Sios Marani, Ikalto Academy, and later – the house-Museum of king Heraclius II and the house-Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze. If desired, you can go on a multi-day tour of Kakheti with a tour of Sighnaghi, Bodbe, Ninotsminda, Ujarma, Lagodekhi reserve.

Just one day spent in the Chateau Least with family, friends or business partners will leave an unforgettable impression on anyone who appreciates the unique landscape, clean air, delicious cuisine and exclusive wines of Kakheti.

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