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Kvemo Kartli

Kvemo-Kartli is one of the regions in Georgia. The center of Kvemo Kartli – Rustavi. Administratively includes 1 city and 6 municipalities. The population is 511,300 inhabitants. Area 6527.6 km2.

Cities of Kvemo-Kartli:

  • Bolnisi – the city is late, founded in 1818 under the name Katerinenfeld. There lived Swabian Germans, who were later sent to Siberia in 1941, although at home they can still be seen. In 1921 the city nahuli Luxembourg, and in 1944 was renamed as Bolnisi. Read more about the city of Bolnisi. Bolnisi is 6 km from the town of Bolnisi. Here is a rare temple – bolnis Zion. The Tsugrugasheni monastery is 2 km from Zion.
  • Kurta is medium-sized village with a population of 700 people. In the village there is a temple Kurta, sometimes called Courtisy Zion. Dated V – VI century, which implies that this is one of the first churches in Georgia, a dangerous competitor Bolnisi Zion. It looks like a modest hall Church with a faceted apse. The temple was found an inscription font asomtavruli, just 14 letters. But this, again, is one of the oldest surviving inscriptions. About a kilometer from the road there is another stone Shrine, known as Akwaaba Dating from VI-VII century. The temple is known in narrow circles for its large and complex image of the bolnis cross. A mile from Amarty in the North-East are vague fortress ruins was Bertali.
  • Bulachauri – small Azerbaijani village with a population of about 500 people. Here inevitably get those who comes from Tbilisi to the fortress of Samshvilde.
  • Darbazi – there are ruins of the Palace around the XII century, known as “Nadarbazevi”.
  • Rustavi is a city in the South-East of Georgia, located on the banks of the Mtkvari river 25 kilometers South-East of Tbilisi. Rustavi is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, which played a significant role in its history. The population is 117.4 thousand people.
  • Marneuli is a city in the province of Kvemo Kartli, which is the administrative center of Marneulsoko district of the Republic of Georgia. The city is home to more than 22 thousand people, the main ethnic group are Azerbaijanis. This settlement is located at a distance of 30 km South of Tbilisi, located near the borders with Azerbaijan and Armenia on the Algeti river
  • Gardabani is a city in the region of Kvemo Kartli in Georgia, 33 km from the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. Center in Gardabani municipality. The population of the city and district is mainly Azerbaijani (14.1 thousand people).
  • Tetri tskaro is a town on the South of Georgia, center of region Kvemo Kartli. The population of the city is 4041 people.
  • Dmanisi is a city in Georgia. Located on the Mashavera river (Kura tributary) 30 km southwest of Kazreti railway station. The population of 3.6 million people.
  • Tsalka is a city in the South of Georgia, the administrative center of Tsalka municipality, Kvemo Kartli region. The city is located on the South-Eastern shore of the Tsalka reservoir. The railway line Tbilisi – Akhalkalaki passes through the city.
  • Kazreti is a village known for copper mines and unexplored gold mine.
  • Kvemo Bolnisi is an Azerbaijani village with two large mosques and minarets. In the village there is an interesting architectural object – a three-Church Basilica of the VI century. About it write that this is the oldest Basilica of this type. The temple is interesting for its high arch, which was collapsed and rebuilt.
  • Kveshi is a small village 6 kilometers West of the town of Bolnisi. The village has a beautiful rocky hill, on top of which there is a fortress and a temple. The fortress is thoroughly overgrown with grass, but nice, and the views from there are good. There is information that somewhere near kvesha there is a “round Church”. We can assume that it is unknown to science tetraconch VII century.
  • Nakhiduri – Azerbaijani village, which in Soviet times was called Araha. Featureless village made history, when it was discovered the outskirts of the settlement of the culture of Shulaveri-Samu (VI or V Millennium BC). It was one of the first agricultural settlements known to science, so we can say that Nakhiduri is the oldest inhabited place in the whole of Georgia.
  • Poladauri is a small village in a gorge South of Bolnisi.  Nearby there is a little-known fortress in the country.
  • Rachisubani – a small village, famous for mineral water, which can be poured for free right at the track.
  • Samtsevrisi is a small village South of Bolnisi.
  • Tandzia – here you can see the temple of St. Nicholas. Reminiscent of a former volcano, somewhere down down the long lava languages.
  • Tsurtavi in the past – Kolagiri. Famous for the fact that it is a fortress Kolagiri, built in 1788 by Queen Darejan. Inside is a monastery whose gates are almost always locked. The ancient city of Tsurtavi disappeared without a trace.
  • Chapala – the Village is located on the banks of the Mashavera river, where there is an ancient bridge. To the South of the village is a very little-known and almost unknown in Georgia fortress Chapala. It is poorly preserved, but it seems to have existed in the XVII century and was quite large, with the lower fortress and the upper castle.

Monasteries Of Kvemo Kartli:

Fortresses Of Kvemo Kartli:

Algeti National Park

Gold mines

Dmanisi Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve

Deep-freezers of Queen Tamara

Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Museum of Literature

Kvemo  Kartli

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Kvemo Kartli

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