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Georgian Military Road

Georgian Military RoadGeorgian military road, one of the main attractions of Georgia, connecting two cities – Vladikavkaz and Tbilisi and two countries – Russia and Georgia. The Georgian military road can be without hesitation attributed to the most picturesque roads of our planet. Its construction began at the end of the XVIII century after the signing in 1783 of St. George’s treatise on the transition of Georgia under the protectorate of the Russian Empire. Having founded Vladikavkaz, its main Outpost in the Caucasus, Russia for 14 years (from 1785 to 1799) built a road on the site of the former mountain trails.

Almost throughout its length, the Georgian military road is an endless series of stunning mountain landscapes; especially in the Daryal and Gudauri gorges, in the area of the Zhinvali reservoir and on the Cross-pass. In addition, along the road there are plenty of very interesting man-made attractions, such as the ancient Trinity Church of Gergeti, Ananuri fortress, the castle of Queen Tamara, the temple of Jvari on the mountain above the ancient Mtskheta, medieval watchtowers.

Daryal gorge, on the bottom of which flows the stormy Terek, in ancient times was called ” the Gates of the Caucasus.” On the Russian side, the border checkpoint is called “Upper Lars”, on the Georgian side — “Dariali” (formerly “Kazbegi”).Georgian Military Road

Stepantsminda – previously called Kazbegi – its current name Stepantsminda received in honor of St. Stephen (Stepan). It is the closest to the border relatively large settlement

Gergeti Church is the oldest and most revered Church in Georgia. Before the transition of Georgia under the Russian protectorate in the country came “frolic” the Arabs, the Persians, the Turks. In addition, since they are all Muslims, the Orthodox churches did not have to expect anything good from them. For this reason, during the next invasion of the Gentiles, sacred icons and relics brought to a small mountain fortress — for example, during one of the Persian invasions of the Trinity Church of Gergeti, they brought the cross of St. Nino, which then returned to the Tbilisi temple of Sioni.

Kazbek Mountain is one of the highest mountains of the Caucasus. Not everyone who comes to the foot of the mountain dare to climb, because its height-5033 m

Gveleti waterfall is a two-Stage Gveleti waterfall located in the Daryal gorge, 4 kilometers from the Georgian-Russian border.

Bethlemi – on top of Mount Kazbek, at an altitude of about 4100 m above sea level, is the great Shrine of Georgia – Bethlemi cave, which means “Bethlemi cave”. Bethlemi is the highest Christian Church and monastery in the world.

Zhinvali reservoir – in Addition to power generation and water supply of Tbilisi, it is also a fabulous natural place. There are several areas where you can stop, relax and take pictures. Driving around The Zhinvali reservoir, you can see a small ancient monastery of Avenisi.ananuri-georgia

Ananuri fortress is a medieval defense fortress on the Georgian military road, located 64 km from Tbilisi. This is one of the most famous castles in Georgia and the main advantage of the castle – its safety.

Cross pass is one of the natural attractions of Gudauri. The name of the Cross-pass established here at an altitude of 2395 m in 1824, a large stone cross, which served as a point of designation of the pass.

SNO valley and the massif Chaukhi – Masiv Chaukhi is situated on the main ridge of the Caucasus, Kazbegi district, 35 kilometers from Stepancminda (Kazbegi), in the valley of the SSS and it’s the last village Jute (2100m). In the village of SNO remarkable watchtower-castle, it stands on a rocky hill right in the middle of the village. The fortress is surrounded by an almost circular stonewall, and a pyramid-shaped tower is erected in the middle.

Mineral springs – to the Left of the road there is a limestone agglomerate-a frozen stone “waterfall” with white – red stains, and to the right-a mineral spring where you can collect carbonated water with you.

Gudauri is one of the four ski resorts in Georgia and the most popular. It is convenient to use Gudauri as a place to stay — the choice of hotels and apartments is very extensive.

Lomisi – Lomisi On the mountain (2452 m) is very revered lomicka St. George Church. Every year in the middle of July there is a holiday Lomisoba. This holiday is very much love by the local highlanders.

Sadzeli peak is the highest point of Gudauri. Its top is 3307 m; you can climb it in winter and summer, with the help of a lift. Sadzele Mountain offers views of the sleeping volcano Kazbegi height of five thousand meters.daryalskoe-ushchele

The arch of Friendship of Peoples is located at an altitude of 2384 m and stands 50 meters from the Georgian military road, so it is impossible to pass it. It was built in 1983 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the signing of the treatise on the accession of Georgia to Russia.

Bodorna – Notable Church of the XV century, in which were buried the rulers of these places were fortified residency of Aragvi feudal Eristavi. Those who controlled the Aragvi gorge and for this purpose built the fortress of Ananuri.

Pasanauri is mountain landscapes, clean air and the most” Georgian “khinkali in Georgia — one of the best khinkal networks in Tbilisi called “Pasanauri”.

Natakhtari – the Last before the ancient Mtskheta landmark Georgian Military highway. Natakhtari known primarily for its brewery, which also produces excellent lemonades, and a small private airport, where a 20-seater screw plane can be an hour to fly to the capital of mountain Svaneti — the city of Mestia.

Mtskheta is the Ancient capital of Georgia. King Vakhtang Gorgasali moved the capital of the country from Mtskheta to Tbilisi founded by him, and Saint Nino earnestly preached Christianity here and turned Mtskheta into the center of Christianization of Georgia.

Georgian Military Road

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