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Gambling business in Batumi

Gambling business in Batumi is well regarded. Batumi is offering the great deal of choice of gambling house to locals and tourists amateur of gambling. Gambling Industry is not prohibited pursuant to the law of Georgia. Conference “Casino Investors Congress” the first conference held in Batumi had great significance for development of gambling business. 120 representatives of different filed (tourism, gambling business etc.) from 25 countries having participated in the Conference. Conference had played crucial role in popularization, growth and future development of potential of gambling industry. The main part of existing casinos in Batumi are located on site of 5* hotels of the city. Construction of high level hotels in Batumi will led much greater development casino business, since hotels are the largest casino operator.

Casino AdjaraBet

Address: Akhmeteli str 7a
Tel: +995(422)274353,
Woring hours: 24/7

Intourist Grand Palace Casino Batumi

Address: Ninoshvili str 11 (Hotel Intourist building)
Tel: +995(422)276124, +995(422)276125
Woring hours: 24/7

Iveria Casino Batumi & Radisson Blue Hotel

Address: Ninoshvili str 1 (Hotel Radisson Blue)
Tel: +995(422)225363
Woring hours: 24/7

Pease Casino & Sheraton Hotel Batumi

Address: Rustaveli str 28 (Hotel Sheraton)
Tel.: +995(422)278585
Woring hours: 24/7

Princess Hotel & Casino Batumi

Address: Memed Abashidze str 33,
Tel: +995(422) 22 60 20
Woring hours: 24/7

Casino Campione Batumi

Address: New Boulvard 7-th sector
Tel: +995(422) 20 01 75
Woring hours: 24/7

Casino President

Address: Baratashvili str 17,
Tel: +995(422) 27 69 50

Casino Sputnik

Address: Shervashidze acsent 28
Tel: +995(422) 27 60 66

Leogrand Hotel & Casino Batumi

Address: Shavsheti str 2/4,
Tel: +995(422) 24 20 20

Golden Palace Hotel & Casino Batumi

Address: Gamsakhurdia str 8/10,
Tel: +995(422) 422 212530; +995(422) 568 005555;

Hilton Hotel & Casino International Batumi

Address: Rustaveli str 40,
Tel: +995(422) 422 23 00 23

Gambling business in Batumi

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