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The Archangel Church in Chakvi

According to the legend, on the spot where The Archangel Church in Chakvi is now located, a church was built on the initiative of the tea distributor in Adjara Popov. It served for the Orthodox parishioners who worked here. The existence of the church in this place tells the surviving bell with the inscription, and the remains of the foundation. The remains of the church were discovered by Khasan Beridze. He despite his old age, decided to restore it. Soon, the then Bishop of Batumi and Shalta Job ordained Hassan Beridze to deacons, under the name of Severian.

On June 26, 1995, the Kolokoli Skhalta newspaper wrote. In the village of Chakvi, on the territory of the tea house, in a festive atmosphere, a new church was opened. The church was sanctified under the Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel names, under the leadership of Severian Beridze and with the participation of the local population. The temple was sanctified by overlord Job. Recently, a bell tower was erected near the church.

The Archangel Church in Chakvi

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