Church of Didube Holy Mother

Church of Didube Holy MotherChurch of Didube Holy Mother had been built by King George III in honor of his daughter queen Tamara. In 1189 Queen Tamara and David Soslan got spliced in that church. In 1760 church of Didube Holy Mother was damaged while invasion of lezgins. And in 1795 Aga Mukhamed Khan ruined it. During 1880-1884 priest Petr Imnadze, archpriest Besarion Zedginidze and fairy godfather George Kartvelishvili rebuilt it. Architecture is in Russian style. Frescoes are done in 1978. Church of Didube Holy Mother is located near the Pantheon.

There is a legend regarding Didube Holy Mother that there was a pasture on site of the church and shepherd believer had a dream of angel who told:”On Didube area there is a icon of Holy Maria. Go to her, pray and you will see a miracle.” Shepherd told his dream and they decided to go there, but they didn’t take a blind man with themselves to be healed. Blind man prays to Holy Mother and was healed. After the miracle many people of Georgia and other countries visited Didube and pray. Church was built on the place of the miracle icon.

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