Galaktioni Bridge

Galaktioni BridgeGalaktioni Bridge was called Vera Bridge, predecessor of current Galaktioni bridge was built in 1885 according to project of architector Umanski. There were some challenges regarding this construction some specialists said that most important was to built Mukrani bridge rather that Vera Bridge. Finally thanks to general Karganov andMost Galaktionabusinessmen Rotinov whose lands were in surroundings, choose was made in favour to Vera bridge.

After ascent from current Rustaveli Avenue was built here Vera bridge took up particular importance. The bridge tied to each other Golovin Avenue, current Rustaveli, Vera area and railway station.

Time passed by, the town was renovate and riding needs increased. The width of bridge not exceeded ten meters, with new loading passing through it bridge was not able to resist with. For this reason in 1952 new three-piece arch bridge was constructed here and survived to the present day.

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