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Tours on holidays in Georgia

Tours on holidays in GeorgiaTours on holidays in Georgia that is so much fun! Scenic beauty, a fascinating artistic heritage and an epic history, all of this and more makes Georgia a dream destination for curious travellers. Lovely landscapes offer a diverse feast for the eyes. Right here at home in the Georgia, there are ‘wow’ moments aplenty as you take a train ride to Adjara or journey along Georgian Military Highway.

There’s a long list of man-made wonders to consider when choosing your tours on holidays in Georgia or any Georgian tour, too. Tbilisi is crammed with treasures from top to toe. The chateaux and wine cellars of Kakheti will leave you utterly spellbound. And you’ll wonder how on towering rock were built Katskhi monastery on in the 20th century. Delve into the seemingly endless alleyways in Mtskheta, where the first Georgian Kings would have roamed in the 4th century.

Tours on holidays in Georgia

What our tours on holidays in Georgia offer?

Tours on holidays in Georgia

Sightseeing aside, a wonderful way to experience your chosen georgian holiday hot spot is through its cuisine. A wide choise of cheeses, Khachapuri, sun-ripened tomatoes, fish freshly plucked from the sea – each region of Georgia, and each region boasts its own specialities. And nothing quite beats breaking bread with the locals, or drinking a glass of wine in the very vineyard where the grapes were grown in our tours on holidays in Georgia.

Check out some of our bestselling tours below or search itineraries to find the ideal tour for you. You will not be disappointed.

День влюбленных в Грузии

8th march trip in Kutaisi is a romantic getaway and the perfect way to rejuvenate your relationship. Take a trip for two with your loved one. Explore our recommendations for the best getaways for couples including where to stay and what to do in every location. Bed & breakfasts, fine dining, performance venues & more await. Book your perfect holiday package in Kutaisi from a wide range of vacation packages and explore all exciting tourist places. Spend this holiday season at one of the best destination. From historical places to wildlife encounters, this trip is tailormade to capture the romance of adventure travel and provide you good mood.

5 days / 4 nights

Недорогой тур в Грузию на майские

Budget tour to Georgia on May day - plan your trip to places where you have always wished to go. Budget plays an important role while planning for a trip. For cheap May day trips go with the one that best suits your requirements and needs making sure that it is affordable. Georgia is your venue for celebrating your May day with a bang. If you are wondering where to go for an amazing trip, look no further. In this May day trip are a few of the best places in Georgia to spend vacation on a happy note. All these places have their own unique experiences, so pick budget tour to Georgia on May day favorite and have an amazing time with your closed ones or beloved.

5 days / 4 nights

March 8-th in Tbilisi

Spend March 8-th in Tbilisi very creative and unforgettable way. Trips on holidays can be planned keeping in mind breaks that you have. A successful March 8-th trip can make your holiday happy and worth. Well, March 8-th trip can either be a road trip or a long vacation trip at your favorite destination spot with family or beloved. All depends on your preference and your partner. Give as a keepsake for you and your dearest travelling in an interesting cities of Georgia. When you will be back home you will have a lot photos and unforgettable memories. Tour operator Abeona Travel offers tours for the best prices and favorable departure from many countries.

6 days / 5 nights

New Year in Tbilisi

"New Year in Tbilisi" is the best way to have a good time on New Year’s Eve in Tbilisi. Take a look at our tour for some ideas to make 31 December in Tbilisi memorable. Whether you aim to spend it having dinner at some of the luxury restaurants the city boasts or you are planning your trip Tbilisi has plenty to offer! Get inspired to travel to Tbilisi. New year trips can be one of the best New Year celebration ideas if you are bored of the same celebrations. You also can create your own holiday package - explore dates to book cheap flight tickets and scoop a deal on accommodation. So where should you be this time when the clock tongs 12 on 31st midnight?

6 days / 5 nights

Saint Valentine's Day in Georgia

Saint Valentines’ Day in Georgia offering the best value for money on an international holiday, booking a 3 nights 4 days romantic and best Georgian tour package is the best way for the couples to make the most of their Georgia itinerary on a romantic escapade. Irrespective of whether the holiday is a private one or one of the best Georgia group tours, getting a customized Georgia local tour booked as per your own interests has always proven to be an added advantage to the whole holidaying experience. Every day will be full with unforgettable impressions as Georgia is the most romantic and beautiful country. Experience the best of Georgia.

4 days / 3 nights

Тур в Грузию на день Святого Валентина

Tour to Georgia on Saint Valentine’s Day discovers the best of Georgia's tourist destinations with our Georgian tour packages for 7 days to make your holidays special. Experience the best of Georgia with this 7 days 6 nights affordable Georgia tour package from over the world. This Georgia itinerary takes you to the most hot-spots from Tbilisi till Adjarian Coast. This budget friendly and versatile Georgia package caters to the needs of all types of travelers ranging from solo travelers to belovers and honeymooners. Perhaps you’re ready to take your adventures to the next level and explore more in 2021. Plan your trip to Georgia and join us.

7 days / 6 nights

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