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Wine company “Wine Man”

Wine company "Wine Man"Wine company “Wine Man” is a family company, founded by Alexandre I. Jorjadze in 1998, which produces classical Georgian wine of high quality. The name Jorjadze belongs to a noble family of Kakhetian princes. Among the significant works that brought fame to this name, – the development of the Georgian winemaking.

A special place in Georgian winemaking is occupied by Prince Levan Jorjadze, the author of the first book on viticulture and winemaking, published in 1876. Currently, a rare copy of the book is in the Institute of viticulture and winemaking in Georgia. A significant contribution to the Georgian winemaking was made by Prince Zachary A. Jorjadze. Apparently, inquiring mind and a desire to explore the experience of winemaking outside of their region was the reason that he went to study in Austria in the wine-growing center in Kloster-Neuburg, where he worked for some time, and then another, and in Dubline. The acquired experience, family traditions, hard-working wine-growers, talented masters of wine, and many more helped Zacharias, A. Jorjadze create in Georgia producing their own wine. In 1888, the wine, which was produced in his factory, was awarded a large gold medal at the world agricultural exhibition in Brussels.

The grandfather of the founder of the company “Wine Man”, Prince Alexander Mikhailovich, was a famous winemaker and had admirers in Tiflis. Family pride Alexander Mikhailovich was the wine”, Gunashauri”, which was bottled in liter bottles with label, sealed with a cork and sealed with wax. This wine is made and aged on a special technology, and, despite the high price, had its lover and buyer.

In the troubled times that came after 1917., Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Jorjadze was killed and all property expropriated. It would be an unforgivable mistake and disrespect to the ancestors, if the current owner of the Wine company "Wine Man"company Alexander Jorjadze did not take advantage of the rich family experience and did not make efforts to recreate the family tradition.

The company was tasked to produce high quality wines using and combining traditional methods of Georgian winemaking and modern European technologies of wine production and bottling.

There are a number of well-known and permanent factors that mainly determine the taste and quality of wine. This grape variety, vineyard location, climate, terrain, soil-what is generally called the terroir. The applied methods of viticulture and wine production are also important.

It should be noted that there have been trends in the production of high-quality products in the immediate vicinity of the vineyards. Such principles have guided the company “Wine Man”, buying wine estate in Kakheti, located in the vicinity of Kahi Paris, on the border of Tsinandali and Mukuzani viticultural micro-watersheds, and with all the reliable characteristics of the terroir. The company “Wine Man” carefully controls the quality of the grapes, initially laying the Foundation for the manufacture of excellent wines. Vineyards in Kakhi Pari spread out on a gentle North-Eastern slope of the ridge Tsivi Gombori. The climate of Kakhi-Pari is characterized by long-term constancy, which is typical for the very valuable in viticulture so-called”vacuum zones”.  On the slopes of Kakhi-Pari vineyards bordered by a picturesque forest, which is also the subject of concern “Wine Man”.

Another important factor is the soil rich in microelements. The soil of the vineyards belongs to the so-called warm soils and is considered one of the best for the vine, as well as for the production of wines with a rich fruity aroma. As a result of the combination of these factors, grapes are grown with a unique taste and miraculous aroma. Here are cultivated different varieties of grapes: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, KISI, Cabernet Sauvignon, Khikhvi. Reception of wine materials, production and bottling of wine the company “Wine Man” produces at the winery, located in the recognized center of Georgian winemaking, the pearl of Kakheti – Tsinandali village.

For all technological processes, from the primary processing of grapes to wine bottling, the production is equipped with modern installations of Italian production. Thus, the company is trying to make reasonable use of the advantages of its location in terms of wine production and viticultural environment in General.

One of the main conditions in the production of excellent wine – is the tireless work of dedicated people. We can say that wine is the result of a unique human interaction with nature, and interesting wine is made by interesting people.

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Wine company “Wine Man”

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