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Okatse Canyon

kanyon okaze gruziaOne of the natural beauty of Imereti is Okatse Canyon. It is 3km canyon 50m deep. 630m long aerial beam road is plotted to the center of canyon and sightseeing platform. Plashing of mountain river Okatse which flows beneath will accompany you during promenade. Upright Mountain more accurately called canyon which arose several millions of years ago, green roistering of leafy forest and magis sounds of cicada mixed up with water plashing – everything this you will see and feel. Route length is 6.4km.Okatse Canyon

100m long waterfall Kinchkha is located in some kilometer far from canyon. This backcountry untreated place for tourists. When walking to the waterfall by path for the first time we met 2m long canyon with snow-white calciferous rocks and sky-turquoise water. Megrelian kings bath’s ruins are not far from this place. To the left hand side you will see waterfall Kinchka, sound of water plashing can be reproduced for dozens of meters.

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Entrance fee: 15GEL for adults, 7 GEL for children and student

During visiting it is required to wear sensible shoes.

Okatse Canyon

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