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Saguramo Gardens Reserve

Saguramo Gardens ReserveSaguramo Gardens Reserve is located on the ridge of Saguramo-Ialno, 25 km from Tbilisi and created in 1946. The area of the protected area is more than five thousand hectares.

Most of the reserve covers with forests. There you can find plants such as beech, hornbeam, oak, elm, maple, Panda. Saguramo is a forest island in Eastern Georgia, where relict plants of the tertiary period grow – blueberries, Colchis severe tree, yew, wild grapes. Representatives of the fauna in the reserve considered mammal’s Caucasian deer and ROE deer.

On the territory of the reserve is one of the most important monuments of Georgian history – Zedazeni monastery, founded in the VI century by the Assyrian monk John Zedazneli. Near the monastery are the ruins of an ancient fortress Salancik, built before our era.

Now, the reserve is part of the Tbilisi national Park.

Saguramo Gardens Reserve

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