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Tetrakhevi Monastery

Tetrakhevi MonasteryIt is worth spending a few hours walk to the Tetrakhevi Monastery. Tetrakhevi Monastery the burial place of the “Assyrian father” Thaddeus Stepantsminda. Located in the far corner poseshaem Tetramisole gorge. First, Thaddeus lived near his teacher, where he founded a monastery at the foot of mount Zedazeni, later moved to Urbnisi, where he founded the Church of the first Martyr Stephen, which exists to this day.

Finally, Thaddeus settled into a cave on the mountain Cleve, near the town of Kaspi. Here he founded a monastery, now known under the name of Tetrikhevi, vposledstvii where the Saint was buried.

The Church is a ruin. Inside, in the South porch, a box contains human bones. Thaddeus is said to have been buried in a cave at the base of the temple, but where exactly is unknown. Perhaps it is the remains of Thaddeus Stepantsminda. There are traces of running water to the East of the Church. A well is found to the South.

The name of Tetrakhevi translated as “White gorge”. The abundance of limestone makes this area really white.

Tetrakhevi Monastery

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