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Ethnographic Museum “Borjgalo”

Ethnographic Museum “Borjgalo”There is an ethnographic museum Borjgalo far from the bustle of the city, in the middle of nature and countryside. The collection, collected for many years, can now be seen in the open-air museum.

The museum occupies 3000 square meters. Visually tells about the life of the inhabitants of the Adjara. In ordinary wooden houses, wax figures dressed in national clothes, show the life and traditions of the Georgian craft. Here you can see carpenters, woodworkers, winemakers, weavers, masons, milkmaids, houses in which live the villagers, as well as a huge number of various exhibits.Ethnographic Museum “Borjgalo”

The owner of the museum himself will tell you the life of families from different social spheres. For numismatists in the museum there is a personal collection: paper banknotes and coins of different countries and epochs, a billionth bill of Transcaucasia, coins of the times of Catherine and Peter, three-ruble of 1903, money of tsarist Russia of 1898. The pride of the collection is a hand-made carpet using the golden thread of 1812.

You will plunge your head into the past century and learn many interesting details from the life of the local population from the very creator of the unique collection of Kemal Turmanidze.

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Ethnographic Museum Borjgalo

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