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Kinchkha Waterfall

abeonatravelKinchkha Waterfall is the native feral interesting place for wildlifer. Lower canyon famous as Okatse Canyon is pretty famous among tourist by its sightseeing trailway and viewing point above the steep. Upper canyon is located at 1020m above sea level in Zeda-Kinchkha region and here is also located waterfall Kinchkha. Waterfall was given the name by the suburb which is located nearby.

Waterfall represents three-stage cascade where the height of the first stage is 25m, the height of the second stage is 70m, and the third stage is located overby with the height of 35m. You can see the first stage from sideway, the second one is the most picturesque and large-scale. Summer time there is minor water stream and when flying half way turn into sprays. Spring time when snow on the plateau dissolved, waterfall is picking up steam and fall into steep in several places. That is why waterfall Kinchkha is considered to be one of highest and powerful waterfall of Georgia.

Location area is also interesting for tourists by its bath places. The basin which appears in the Upper canyon was used as baths houses by Dukes. This is evidenced by special chalk-stone structure which is located 100-150m high of waterfall.

Kinchkha Waterfall

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