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Famous ski resort Bakuriani is situated 180km to the west of Tbilisi, 1800m subsea, in Borjomi canyon. City is surrounded by mountains, alpine meadows and dense pine forests. Winter is cold, but not severe, as s rule sunny and snow-capped. Weather is mostly windless. There are only two small streets, pointer display skiing tracks direction.

One of the best Georgia ski resort with following functioning tracks: Didveli, Tatra, Kokhta 1, Kokhta 2 and 25 meter for beginners.  Track total length is 18km; largest slope height is 2700m subsea.

Resort was situated near Borjomi, therefore tourist having rest in Borjomi smoothly passed to rest here during hot season to breath air and drink mineral water. Place became so visited even narrow-gauge railway was erected. Bakuriani was loved place of skiers in soviet time. They began to visit this place first by themselves and then organized way. Several sanatoriums founded here (for example “Dinamo” sanatorium and “chemists vacation house”) desolated in 90s. Currently Bakuriani is famous resort, generally for Georgian and Armenian tourists. Russian tourists mostly rest in Gudauri


Sport and Entertainment

You can ski and go snowboarding, skate on ice skating and on snowmobile, go with friend hiking in mountains or organize horseback riding in the woods. Late spring and summer Bakuriani attracts hiking lovers, tracking and mountainous climbing. From short-range one-day path you may select climbing to Kokhta (2155m high), Sekvelomta wit visiting Tabatskuri Lake, hiking to Timotesubani Monastery Complex (11th century AD), to springs with mineral water in Mitarbi, to Tsikhisdjvari hot springs.

Extreme rock climbers may visit Bakurianistskali canyon with relic crystalloid rocks seeps. Canyon bottom with 300m depth is covered with giant 20-30m long hexagonal crystals, steep slopes overgrown with wild blackberries brushwood. Bakuriani and Borjomi canyon area is also suitable for paragliding, rafting, jumping and hunting and trout fishing.

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Culture and History

Bakuriani is Caucasus old ski resort, carrying its snow and recreational history since the end of 19th century AD, when Russian Imperial family members drew attention to picturesque area not far from Borjomi.

Highland clean air, filled with scent of coniferous forests, breathtaking sparkling peaks and gorges views all promised Bakuriani to become winter residence to nobles. And it happened that way and moreover for building narrow-gauge Railway Bridge linking mineral water and snow resort to each other was iron construction recognizable master monsieur Gustavo Eiffel was invited.

Currently Bakuriani is as alpine skiing centre as well as admitted family resort; you can skate, sleigh and skate on snowmobile, organize horseback riding and survey surroundings, since attractions here more than enough.

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