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Firework of Emotions

"The lands of ancient Colchis" - weeklong trip to Georgia's cities. If you are looking for an incredible vacation in Georgia full of discoveries and memorable impressions, we are here to offer you our handpicked tours and excursions. On our tour "The lands of ancient Colchis" you'll get the chance to explore Georgia's two main cities - Kutaisi and Batumi. You will discover Georgia's local culture with hotels, food and knowledgable guides. Want to book tour "The lands of ancient Colchis"? Please call our tour consultants to book your vacation and save money with our first-rate offers. We will take care of your Georgia vacation from beginning to end.

6 days / 5 nights

Обзорная экскурсия по Аджарии

"The Story of Eternal Love" - experience the very best of travelling Georgia in just under a weeks. If history and culture fascinates you both, and you love nothing more than learning about new destinations and meeting the people that call these places home, then this culture trip is for you. Experience the history and ruins of civilisations and share this truly eye-opening experience, whilst appreciating the modern day culture of your chosen destination through delicious local food and wine.  Book your trip, book your flight, and go! We handle all the details. Check the calendar to find your tour and reserve your spot! Travel with us without the borders.

7 days \ 6 nights

Three capitals of Georgia

“Three capitals of Georgia” is seven day budget guided walking itinerary. Cultural sightseeing blended with moderate hiking in Georgia allows travellers to experience the best of both worlds and includes first-rate accommodation, straightforward map directions and local recommendations as part and parcel of the budget guided walking tour. Discover a varied offer of Georgia budget tours that will take you through some of the most renowned destinations such as Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Sighnaghi and Batumi. Each affordable tour will provide you with great experiences for some of the lowest prices on the market in Georgia. Write to us or fill the following form.

7 days / 6 nights

Экскурсия Мцхета и Ананури

“Through Georgian Military Road” is a tailor made trip and so this is only our suggested itinerary, which of course we can adapt according to your interests. Although we believe it captures many of Georgia highlights, both cultural and wild. It is quite a busy schedule. Starting in the capital city of Georgia, you’ll be given a guided tour of this busy city to get your first experience of daily Tbilisi life, sample some great georgian food or visit its excellent museums. This week-long activity holiday takes you into the picture perfect surrounds of Georgia. If you would like some help or advice, or just want to discuss your ideas for your next trip, do give us a call.

7 days / 6 nights

Экскурсия в Боржоми, Ахалцихе и Вардзию

“Tour to the Past” lasts seven days. During this Georgia holiday, you will dip in and out of great cities, history and even the coast. Starting in Batumi, where the old town is a hub of Adjarian contemporary and historical culture. Followed closely by Kutaisi, a fascinating Imeretian city dating back to the 5th century BC. We take time in Martvili canyons where the terrain untouched by time or human intervention. Moving deeper, we’ll enjoy the cultural gems of Vardzia, a beautiful medieval a monastery carved up in cliffs and caves and Rabati Fortress where the castle and cobbled streets are a delight to wander around. A guided tour here will help unravel its history.

7 Days / 6 nights

Путешествие с ребенком

“Travel with kids to Georgia” is the best family vacations with the kids by the sea. Choose the tour “Travel with kids to Georgia” and you will have a great time together. In this tour is everything to you and a little guests to have a fun family vacations in Batumi. Travel with children adds a whole new dimension to any trip. Tour operator Abeona Travel is offering best Georgia tours and custom holiday packages with sightseeing. General tours will give you a good overview of Georgia and its population, will make you acquainted with its culture, traditions and historical heritages. We will organize an amazing and unforgettable holiday for you and your family.

7 days / 6 nights

Экскурсия в Сванети из Тбилиси

"Trip full of emotions" is a five day adventure tour to the highest village in Europe. With an adventure tour, not only are you enjoying the great fresh air in the outdoors while exercising your body, you're making some pretty incredible memories with your traveling companions, too. After all, imagine the stories you'll be able to tell after you conquer the summit of Ushba or conquer your fear of small spaces after Prometheus cave! If you think how to spend your vacation we want to offer something special for you. "Trip full of emotions" in Georgia allow you to experience the culture and traditions and at the same time enjoy the new and the fun.

5days / 4nights

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